Home-sharing as a new form of living


The future of living is collaborative and caters to the needs of those who do not want to or cannot give up their autonomy but wish to have a sustainable lifestyle and rich social relationships. It is also for those who aim to access, with the same investment, greater living comforts through the sharing of additional common spaces that add value to living.



Nowadays more and more people feel the need to live a socially rich and less alienating lifestyle. That’s why a group of individuals or families decides to live together or close enough to realise their shared lifestyle or purpose. To make a cohousing “work” it is necessary to organise a participatory process which simultaneously addresses both the community formation project (shared values) and the architectural project.


If your dream is to be part of a cohousing project but you don’t know how to make it happen, if you are a group of people looking to organise, our team can assist you throughout the process with experienced professionals in every phase. In the participatory process, facilitators and designers perform two distinct and complementary roles: the former ‘open’ to the options and requests of the assembly, the latter providing technical and administrative synthesis.


  • definition of dialogue and ‘engagement’ rules
  • construction of a common vision
  • establishment of a Values Charter for the functioning of the community after the conclusion of the construction process
  • definition of the functional programme and relationships between spaces
  • definition of the final/executive architectural project